About Us

NomNomPlants is a company that strives to provide affordable, quality vegan snacks for you.

Ever since I went vegan the main question I got was, “what do you even eat?” another comment would be that I can’t eat anything good, for example, cake, chips, cookies, etc. I didn’t like that I felt that we should have a variety of vegan snacks for everyone. So whenever I would look online there wasn’t one place where I could get all the goods I would have to hunt for vegan snacks. As a result, I took this issue to my own hands and created this website.┬áThe thing is you don’t even have to be vegan this website is meant to be an alternative, the choice is all up to you!

I hope you guys like all the goods here on my website and if there is any suggestions, questions, or concerns please contact us we would appreciate it a ton!!!

My Vegan Story:

In the middle of 8th grade I watched a video by Gary Yourofsky- The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear, I had no idea that it would be about veganism but it showed the truth about what was happing to these animals, I cried a bit and on that day I turned vegan! its been 3 years (I’m 15 right now), I not going to lie I’ve had my cheat days especially in the beginning but finding theses vegan alternatives allowed me to stop. My purpose with this website is to be an alternative for other people to show that vegan can be delicious, you can have all the junk food but vegan you don’t have to give in to temptation you have this website filled with vegan deliciousness.

After all one moment to pleasure is not worth a giving up on what you believe in, don’t let temptation get you, stay vegan!